stm-group-rev-slider STM GROUP STM GROUP is a young and dynamic group formed by three companies: SERVITECMOLD S.L., MECAFORM TECHNOLOGY S.L. and STM TANGIER SARL that have professional teams with extensive experience and passion for the sector. Read More Servitecmold Due to strong technological and productive growth and its entry into the plastic injection sector through the opening of its new company Mecaform Technology S.L., at the beginning of the year 2018 the company is expanded and forms the STM group, moving its facilities to Montacada and Reixac where it is currently located. Read more mecaform-rev-slider Mecaform Technology We are dedicated to the injection of plastic parts of all kinds, on samples or plans (construction of molds-matrices), in our vast experience we offer advice for production ventures, and we cover production needs that due to their volume are not profitable to your organization , use of standard and engineering materials. Read more stm-tanger-rev-slider Servitecmold Tanger Servitecmold Tanger carries out injection work on a multitude of PP, PE, PS, PC, PA, ABS, SAN, POM… products through its own molds. We work in: Polyfort PP-GF. All injection mold products ensure high quality and long service life. Read more
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